Pony #2 Christmas

The second pony I made is the one I dyed all red, I then used acrylic paint to paint snow all over her and Christmas trees on her flanks. In retrospect though the red doesn’t really go with it and I may end up redoing her. Also a bit is lost in the photos because I also used glitter glue to giver her hair and cutie mark a sparkle effect, and it doesn’t show in the photos.

Also as a side note, I’ve been working over time this holiday season and so I may not post a lot more until after the holidays. Plus most of what I’m making right now are gifts anyways.

Then front

Happy Holidays everyone!


Crafted Pony #1 The Draenei!

So this pony I actually did a while ago, like over a year ago, back when I still played World Of Warcraft. This was a simple one really, but it was fun to make. For those who don’t know what a Draenei is, here is a screen shot of one:

Its also important to note that they have an array of skin colors, different horn shapes, and hair styles. This particular pony I did is also based on the priest class, this is the symbol for said class in the game:

So with that out of the way, here is my pony:

And from the front:

I used modeling clay to make the horns and a felt tip pen along with acrylic paint for the eyes and symbol. It was pretty simple to make considering I took the easy route and decided to use the pale white skin tone and hair.

Arts and Crafts

For the past, I dunno, forever…I have been trying all sorts of arts. I enjoy doing as many as possible. I paint, draw, color, build, take photos (though I dont have a fancy camera), write (all sorts of things). And probably a lot i’m forgetting…..I may one day share my writings on here but there are so many thieves around that I am somewhat hesitant but we will see. I’ll be sharing what i’ve been working on otherwise, though, some of them I can’t yet cause they are Christmas gifts. But here is one thing I have been working on that I can share, custom My Little Ponys. I have loved MLP ever since I was a child and have been collecting them for years, I have a preference for the old ones (80s) but the new ones have grown on me.

Lucky for me though Hasbro sells the blank white pony (the style is last generation, but still cool) You can see it/Buy it here. You can paint these, use marker, and even use clothing die on them. (some markers and paint may not stick well or bleed, I’m still experimenting on what works best). Here is a kinda creepy looking photo of me “dying” one of them….

Gonna post a couple”finished” ponies soon…. 😉


Haven’t been posting regularly- sorry! I have been doing artsy things, just been slacking on posting, gonna get back into the swing of things.

Kevin Smith

So, i’m sorry I haven’t added a drawing lately, the past couple weeks i’ve been sick, working more, and tired. However, one really cool thing I was able to do was…go to a book signing for Kevin Smith. For anyone who doesn’t know who that is, you can’t be my friend anymore….but in seriousness he has made such films as Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob strike back, Mallrats, Dogma, and many others. He has also written many books and has a TV show you can watch Via Hulu.

So this was for the book Tough Sh*t, he did a signing at his comic book shop: Jay and Silent Bobs Secret Stash. I went with my husband and a friend, we traveled to NJ from NY, not a super long trip, about 3.5 hours one way. We planned the trip really well, I filled up my tank before leaving, we had snacks/sandwiches/drinks, we brought change for tolls, CDs for music. However we didn’t consider the wait outside….mind you we knew we would have to wait, a few hours, we knew the line would be long, we even left early. But, we didn’t bring chairs, didn’t wear sunscreen, and didn’t bring drinks for in line. And because of unforeseen circumstances the signing started late, we ended up waiting about 5.5 hours, standing, in the sun…..I felt like I was gonna melt and collapse at any time. Thankfully once we were in the comic shop all that went away, I was excited again, and eager to look around the shop as well as meet Kevin Smith.

I also want to note the line waiting was made a little easier because Jason Mewes came out a few times to play with the crowd. Also the whole thing was being televise by AMC, for the show Comic book Men the episode will air October 17th, which was cool, though prevented us from taking any photos of or with anyone there.

So we go inside finally, the comic shop is cozy, and full of neat stuff. But the best was meeting and getting to talk to Kevin Smith, its great that he doesn’t just sign your book and push you away, he talks to you for a minute, and seems really interested in talking to you. Then he leaves a personal message in whats being signed (if you want it, but who doesn’t?). He is a really personable guy, and was a great pleasure to meet, the only thing I regret is that we couldn’t talk to him more.

Also, as another +1 for him, the signing was supposed to go from 2-5, but so many people showed up that he stayed until 10! Sure, he started a little late, but only by maybe a half hour.It was a big turn out, and i’m glad I could be a part of it!


Fireball Pony

So this is my first coloring of the Pony sketch I made, her name is Fireball, the symbol is supposed to be fire but its a little hard to make out. And the color isn’t that great, but I didn’t spend a lot of time on it so it’s good enough for a start.

Also a little bit about My Little Pony: It’s changed a lot over the years, starting in the 80s it gained and dipped in popularity ever since then, they changed its form many times, and now we have the current look…. Honestly I prefer the original 80s/90s Ponys because they are what I played with as a child and what I grew up with, I currently have a huge collection of them and I love them. The current Pony look I hated at first, and I still don’t care for it as much, they just look funny to me,especially as toys. The cartoon is pretty fun to watch, its cute and makes me smile, so I support it. As for the people who go crazy over it and think its the best thing ever…..really you need to calm down, its fine to enjoy whatever you wish to enjoy (as long as it doesnt harm anyone) but some people get really over zealous and need to take it down a notch.

Pony Sketch

So, I decided I just felt like coloring something so I drew a basic pencil outline of a Pony to color. You may feel free to use it to color as well if you like, personally I don’t think its weird for an adult to like to color :P.